Multi Listing is a special feature of career jobs icytundra Canada

February 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FAQ

  • Career jobs icytundra is working as a Candian job board.
  • All job posting are displayed over Canada map
  • Jobs are identified by vistors right from home page by just sliding the mouse even without a single click.
  • It is an active job board. All job postings will be automatically disappear after the last date.
  • Types of advertising
  • Multi listing options:
  •  Gallary lsiting
  • Multi location listings Multiple places in a city, multi city, multi province, cross border listings, multiple country listings
  • Multi category listings


Conditions apply:

  • Duplicate advertisements are not accepted.
  • An advertisement / listing for different locations, diferent positions, and different wage levels are not considered as duplicates.
  • Say an employer / Recruiter advertise 5 positions say one in Toronto, one in Montreal and one in Ottawa are not duplicates.