Terms and Conditions of career jobs icytundra

February 25, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ FAQ

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  • Employers, recruiters and employments agencies post their jobs here.
  • Advertisers / recruiters may provide a unique image for their hiring positions. The size of the images are preferred at 180 x 120 or bigger
  • The images does not reflect exact position / job. But the images help to find out different industry group.
  • All jobs with proper address will stand at their exact address over the map.
  • If the advertiser just provide the city name only then the posting will take a default location (probably downdown) of the city.
  • All listings with detailed address say street, building no., postal code will have a clear visibility in the Canada map.
  • The listed jobs will be automatically disappear after the last date in the post and not available in the job board.
  • Eventhough all ads are listed with utmost care, icytundra does not be responsible for any errors, omissions and failure to display etc.
  • The ads once posted will not be modified. But corrections may be done when required.


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